Frequently Asked Questions

Book Public Event

Do planners need to pay an upfront fee when booking Mobile Ink POD?  

Yes, $100 reserves the date and includes: a 1 color design, a starting inventory of Blanks apparel, and professional staff for the event.

Does the planner need to guarantee a certain amount of business? 

No guarantee is required.

Who sets the price for the t-shirts on the day of the event?

We sell t-shirts between $15-$20 but are open to other suggestions based on your knowledge of past events.

Do planners receive a percentage of the event sales?

Yes, once your organization reaches $500 in sales you will receive 5% of total sales. Once your organization hits $1000, or more,
your organization receives 10% of total sales.

How much will you charge for tanks & hoodies?

Tanks will never be sold for less than $15 and hoodies never less than $27.

Can people bring items to print on? 

Yes, but only if it is an item that is deemed "printable" (texture, fabric, size, etc). The cost will be $5/print.

Can apparel be printed in advance of the event?

Yes! Whether you need pre-printed shirts for volunteers or VIPs, we can have them ready for you on the day of your event or even before!

Book Private Event

How do costs differentiate between public and private events? 

MIP charges $100/hour for special events. +ADD 10 one-color t-shirts for each hour. Additional t-shirt will cost $15 each.

Can I purchase additional promotional items for my event?

Mobile Ink POD has access to entire catalogs of promotional goods. Tell us what you need and we'll provide you with items and pricing options.

Does Mobile Ink POD offer in-event content services like video & photography?

Yes! Ask us about our production services and we will provide you a quote based on your needs.

Create / Submit Design(s)

Who creates the final, production-ready, design?  

Either the planner or Mobile Ink POD can create the final design. In order to submit a production-ready design, one must make the design-file the actual size as the print with correction resolution (300 DPI)

What do planners need to know when submitting a design? 

Simple and flat designs work best! If you are submitting a two-color design - each color must be separated into its own file ( or photoshop layer ).

What's the MAX amount of colors our event T-shirt design should have?

Although the Mobile Ink POD can print up to four colors - we highly suggest designs with no more than two colors to ensure optimal speed & quality!

additional costs are there for production-ready design work?

Simple design adjustments we will not charge for. But for new designs, and designs that need extensive work, Mobile Ink POD will charge $50/hour for professional design work. Planners will always be informed of additional design work costs once they submit their designs.